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In collaboration with the Yes Men and a group of artists-activists from the Yes Lab calling themselves the Repatriotas, Marlène co-created Patriots for Self-Deportation ( a satirical critique of the increasing criminalization and deportation of undocumented immigrants, as well as the uptick of extreme anti-immigrant laws like SB 1070 in Arizona, HB 56 in Alabama, and the Secure Communities program, which deny basic rights to undocumented people and their families. The Tea Party-esque “go-back-home” rhetoric is so over-the-top—some even clamoring to change the 14th Amendment, so that U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants would not automatically become citizens—that we thought parody was the only sane response.

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TERCER IMPACTO: HISPANACEA (2009 – English subtitles)
Fabi and Barbi report on The Hispanic Paradox, Doña Cuca and Hispanacea
2009 | 05:25 min. | DV | Color

Immigrant Latina women—who have had little or no access to education or health care—are living longer than anyone else in the United States. The New York Times has called this phenomenon “The Hispanic Paradox.” What if Latinas’ longevity could be extracted from their bodies and marketed as a health supplement to the public at large? Read More »

TERCER IMPACTO: HISPANACEA (subtítulos en español)
Fabi y Barbi informan sobre La Paradoja Hispana, Doña Cuca e Hispanacea
2009 | 05:25 min. | DV | Color

Las inmigrantes latinas—sin acceso a la educación o al cuidado de salud—tienen vidas más largas que el resto de los estadounidenses. El New York Times le ha llamado a este fenómeno “La Paradoja Hispana”. ¿Qué pasaría si la longevidad de las latinas pudiera extraerse de sus cuerpos y ser mercadeadas en pastillas “energéticas”? Read More »

2005 |
01:30 min. | DV | Color

During the first week of September 2005, as we watched the footage of Hurricane Katrina victims stranded on rooftops for days on end, crowded into the Convention Center and Superdome with no food or water, ignored by FEMA and the Bush Administration, we asked ourselves—as did many, many people—”What if the hurricane had hit a wealthy area instead? Read More »

2005 | 01:00 min. | DV | Color

Do you feel anxiety about world events you cannot change? Are your political concerns interfering with your patriotic activities, like shopping and paying taxes? Does the Iraq war remind you of US invasions of Latin American countries, including your own? Read More »

AMNEZAC [subtítulos en español]

El Anti-Historiamínico Más Poderoso del Mercado
(escrito, producido y dirigido por Fulana)
2005 |
01:00 min. | DV | Color

¿Siente ansiedad por eventos mundiales que usted no puede cambiar? ¿Sus inquietudes políticas interfieren en sus actividades patrióticas, como ir de compras y pagar impuestos? ¿La guerra en Irak le recuerda a las invasiones estadounidenses de países latinoamericanos, incluyendo el suyo?  Read More »

2003 | 05:06 min. | DV | Color
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Inspired by La Virgen de Guadalupe, San Juan Diego, and Nuestra Señora de J-Lo, this music video was created to answer burning questions, such as: How come El Indio Juan Diego became a white man for his saintly Vatican image?, Is the Pope concerned about losing the Latino market?, Read More »

Because Plastic Is Forever
2000 |
01:15 min. | DV | Color

When our abuelitas cover their couches, their lamps, their TV sets—todo!—in clear plastic, what are they trying so desperately to protect? Read More »

Porque el plástico es para siempre
2000 |
01:15 min. | DV | Color


Cuando nuestras abuelitas cubren con plástico el sofá, la lámpara, el televisor—¡todo!—¿qué es lo que intentan proteger?  Read More »