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Our response to the MTA fearmachine ads…

If you live in NYC, you’ve seen the “If You See Something, Say Something” ads plastered all over the MTA system. During the weeks leading up to the Republican National Convention in NYC (2004), this ad campaign was in full swing and in turbo mode. Ubiquitous posters, flyers and pre-recorded announcements urged commuters to report suspicious persons and activity to the police. But, what exactly were media outlets teaching us to perceive as “suspicious”?

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Bilingual anti-gentrification print campaign for the streets of our neighborhoods in NYC.
Anuncios bilingües impresos contra la inva$ión de las calles de nuestros barrios. Read More »

T-shirts, underwear, stickers and more for the 2008 Obama campaign. Ay, those were fun times!

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Along with the Lupe video, we crafted all kinds of products to be displayed at the first screening. These are Lupe’s (aka G-Loop) capitalist fantasies.



JuanDi’s hit TV show! —Part of the Lupe & JuanDi from the Block Project.

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