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JuanDi’s hit TV show! —Part of the Lupe & JuanDi from the Block Project. A parody of the 1999-2004 TV show, “Crossing Over with John Edward.”

With visible emotion on his face, Juan Diego reminisced: “When the Pope and Emilio Estefan knocked on my door, I didn’t know what was going on. But then Mr. Estefan said ‘Kid, you’re canonized—sit down and let Sandra prep you for your photo shoot’. And I felt like a dream had come true. Sitting at the makeup chair, being transformed under those bright lights, I knew my purpose in life: I would dedicate my life to guiding others through their own crossover-makeovers.” (NYT interview, 2003. Editor’s note: the term “crossover-makeover” is a term coined by Latina Theatre Lab in their visionary song, “Estée Leedia,” from their 1996 cabaret play, The Immaculate Conception)