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Along with the Lupe and Juandi from the Block video, we crafted all kinds of fake holy products to be displayed at the first live screening, featuring items such as: Lupe-Cola and StarLupes Coffee, the G-Loop G-String (for some heavenly help in the bedroom), LupeStyles condoms (Immaculate Contraception); The Aztec Earth Meditation Videos (including the popular “Unblocking Your Chi-Michanga”, from the Discover Your Ethnic Self series); The Spectacles of Religiosities (eyeglasses that alter your world view — you pick your religion, we are multiple and we believe in diversity); the Latino Plastic Cover® (“Because Plastic is Forever™”, a custom-made plastic sheath for any item, “Para que no se le ensucie la fe”™. And many, many more….

We brought all this material together for an installation on Saturday, July 19th, 2003 (The Virgen of Guadalupe World Tour), which included work by visual artist and guest Fulano, Miguel Luciano.