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Tras la primera Asamblea General en español de Ocupa Wall Street, una nuyorkina feroz les dice algunas palabras a los millonarios del 1%!

9 de octubre de 2011

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The New York Times references “If You Fear Something, You’ll See Something” parody! “But the phrase has been criticized by many for fueling paranoia and fear. It has been parodied, mocked and twisted around by artists and activists (“If You Fear Something, You’ll See Something,” reads a flier on” By Manny Fernandez.

Gothamist picked up on If You Fear Something too.

Gawker picked up on If You Fear Something posters on the subway… “And besides, isn’t the MTA mock-up below really more to the point?”

Our response to the MTA fearmachine ads…

If you live in NYC, you’ve seen the “If You See Something, Say Something” ads plastered all over the MTA system. During the weeks leading up to the Republican National Convention in NYC (2004), this ad campaign was in full swing and in turbo mode. Ubiquitous posters, flyers and pre-recorded announcements urged commuters to report suspicious persons and activity to the police. But, what exactly were media outlets teaching us to perceive as “suspicious”?

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